Month: April 2016


My work bench turns 30

I don’t have a Roubo bench or a Nicholson bench. But I do Have two benches that have been with me for a long time. They have both undergone changes over the years, ┬áboth cost me next to nothing to build, and they are both better now than ever. So I thought I would give…

A new tote for an old friend

Finally fixed my ol’ #26 Stanley. I bought this plane about 6 years ago at a flea market for 3 dollars. The sole was completely useless so I immediately put a new maple and purpleheart sole on it. The back tote was broken but tight so I did not worry about it at the time….

Building the Melencolia plane

My next project (I hope). Like many woodworkers I have been fascinated by Durer’s “Melencolia I” woodcut. It is filled with amazing details and more than a few sweet tools. I have already made a couple of “Melencolia Squares” and have even had a wack at reproducing the batten in the lower right corner. But…