Finished cedar strip canoe "Hourglass"

Finally finished the canoe¬†Hourglass. Hourglass is a 15′ cedar strip canoe with a Whitehall type transom. This canoe was built as a double paddle cruiser for one person. But the seating is flexible enough to provide room for a passenger. It could even be used as a fishing boat with an electric trolling motor and the seat reversed. It is not the most stable boat in the water however it is very fast and tracks like a missile. So as with all boats, everything is a compromise. Performance generally comes with a loss in stability. The wider and flatter that bottom the more stable the canoe, but canoes like that also begin to handle more and more like a barge. So if I can’t have everything I guess I will take performance.
If you are interested, I plan on selling this canoe when it is finished. I can be contacted here.
SOLD – {:> sorry

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