Drop leaf table prototype

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Drop leaf table prototype

Recently several young friends of mine decided to get married. As a couple of them were looking through some of my woodworking magazines they stumbled across this little drop leaf table in an old issue of Woodsmith magazine and fell in love. Their appartment is small and I have to admit to liking many things about this table myself so I decided to build a prototype to see if this design would be as handy in real life and it would appear in the photos.
I had a stack of salvage Hemlock so I thought I would give it a try. This design has a very fun knuckle joint on each side that allows the legs on opposite corners to swing out to 90 degrees. supporting the leaves. It turns out that while these joints are not difficult to make it is pretty easy to allow the holes for the pins to wander slightly. So it was well worth my time making this prototype before I started using more expensive material. The length of the legs magnifies even the tiniest error in the pins. The other difference between this prototype and the final version is that I want to use a proper rule joint for the leaves in the final version.
Those small problems aside I think I do like the design over all and now all I have to do is find a little cash for some decent wood and build a couple of good ones.
half extended

One leaf extended

Fully extended

Both leaves extended

end view

End view showing through mortises

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