A new tote for an old friend

Finally fixed my ol’ #26 Stanley.
new tote for my 26

My new tote

I bought this plane about 6 years ago at a flea market for 3 dollars. The sole was completely useless so I immediately put a new maple and purpleheart sole on it. The back tote was broken but tight so I did not worry about it at the time. With the age-old excuse that I will get to that soon.
I guess soon in my world turned out to be 6 years of hard use. But recently that broken tote finally got the better of me, and I replaced it with a nice piece of slightly flamed maple scrap and I think it turned out so well I can’t believe I waited this long to finally fix it.
While I was at it I enlarged the tote slightly since the original was weirdly small compared to other stanleys that I own. But since there was only so much room under the lateral adjuster I had to alter the profile a bit lifting up the angle of the horn and making it a bit beefier at the same time. This changed the “hang” of the tool a bit but after using it a while I think it is a change for the better. Now this workhorse is even sweeter to use. This plane tends to be the first one I grab for rough work. It is a wonderful jack plane. I do not have anywhere near the 8″ camber on it that some guys recommend. Mine is set up with a 15 – 20 inch camber which to my mind makes this plane useful for many more tasks than just hogging off wood. But still allows me to really get some work done when I let it off of its chain.

#26 Stanley with new tote

My #26 in all its splendor

Now all I have to do is put on a new front tote to match… but I am not holding my breath.
Could just be another 6 years. After all, the front tote is not even broken 😉

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