Three Legged Staked Stool


Staked Shop Stool

My first staked furniture

Over the years I have made many stools and such, but up until recently, I have never made anything with staked leg construction. After receiving a Lee Veritas reamer and taper tenon cutter for Christmas (very nice) I had to make something with it naturally so I made a small table and the stool on the right.


My Granddaughters table

The table was especially fun since my granddaughter helped me make it and in the end she and I carved our names in it. She loves it.

Lessons learned

Staked furniture is pretty straightforward stuff to make. However, I did learn a couple of lessons that are probably worth passing along if you are interested in this sort of thing.

  1. If you buy a Lee Veritas reamer congratulations it is great. But do not even try to use it until you have adjusted down to its finest cut. Mine came set for a much too heavy cut and I struggled through a few cuts thinking this was just the nature of the tool. When all I needed to do was back off the iron.
  2. This is the most important thing I learned. There is no substitute for getting your angles exactly right as you taper your holes. It is true this is pretty forgiving work, but you will fight a lot of unnecessary fights if you are the least bit sloppy in reaming your holes.
  3. Do not even attempt anything with your rungs until you are completely satisfied with the rake and splay of your legs. Your legs should look exactly like you want them, before you attempt to strengthen them with rungs.

With that said…

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