Building a Moxon Vise

End view of Moxon vise
Before Moxon vises were all the rage I used to make vises as I needed them. I would make them from pipe clamps and threaded rod. For example when I needed a long vise to hold the sides of the chest I was building for my grandson below, I made a vise to hold them. It was two pipe clamps threaded under my bench top with a chop made of a hunk of Maple the same thickness as my benchtop. It worked great believe it or not and I used it pretty often.
In those days I contrived most of my holding appliances including my end vise out of pipe clamps. If you want to see the kind of thing I am talking about check out this article. But as time went on I started hearing about Moxon vises. So eventually I just had to build one rather than improvise one for every need. So I built the one on the right.
Chest with Beckets
You may notice though I have not completely parted from my former ways. This vise is built around two 12″ pieces of threaded rod and 6 nuts. Baby steps I guess.

The Design

The design of this vise is really simple. It is just two threaded rods and 6 nuts. The rods are tightened to the rear chop. I left the rods long so that in a pinch I could increase the capacity of the grip.
The only tricky part is building the hand wheels. They were a glue up of White Oak. I drilled the parts then cut in the opening for the nut. After fitting the nut flush to the bottom of the hand wheel I glued on another small disk of White Oak and it became a very respectable hand wheel. The Oak is heavy enough that the hand wheels spin really well under their own weight. The upshot is that this vise works really smoothly.

Finished Moxon Vise

Moxon vise and saw bench

Moxon vise in action

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