A stool with a back

Another prototypebackstool1

I continue my quest for the perfect stool. So over the holidays I set out to make another stool prototype. This time with four legs and a back.
Over all this stool is basically the same as the other four legged stool I made however I wanted a stool that provided some support for my lower back. The height of this stool is closer to 24″.¬† After trying several taller stools I am finding that I do not really like the taller 26″ to 28″ form, at least for most applications.

Once again, the real business begins on the bottom. The bottom of these stools is the the main reference surface from which you build the entire stool. On these stools I have been trying to have the rear legs set narrower than the front legs. However to compensate for this I set the back legs at a broader angle. If you look at the picture full size you will see that I have written the angles on the bottom for easy comparison later. These angles represent the the angle of the leg relative to the sight line.

Dry fitting

backstool-dry-fitAfter getting the legs to seat at the proper angles and looking right  from every angle the stool was ready to dry fit and to get the rungs fitted to the spaces between the legs. Of all the processes in building a stool this is the most critical and to be honest the one where the most things can go wrong. It is bery difficult to get an accurate measurement on the length of the rungs and also get an accurate take on the angles tha the rungs have to go through the legs. If all of this is not right the result is a mess.

Appraisal of this model

After finishing this stool I was pretty happy with the look of this stool. As a work stool it is a pretty good size and shape. However, if you want a stool that is comfortable in the long term the seat will have to be given different proportions. To be a comfortable sitting stool the seat needs to be deeper by at least 2-4 inches.
Next time I think I will be building a stool that has a deeper seat and a hollowed out seat.

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