Small Dutch Tool Chest

My grandson is coming of age and wanted some tools for Christmas. This was just the excuse I needed to build a small dutch tool chest. I opted to build a smaller than usual Dutch tool chest with no lower storage. As he was only 10 I did not think he needed a very big toolbox to start off. However, as I got into this project I was surprised by just how much space was available even in a single compartment chest. 2013-12-31 16.49.07
A standard Dutch toolchest has a much shallower main compartment with another compartment under it that you access through a removable front panel. Since this was for a young boy with few tools and even less space I opted for this design. A deeper main compartment with three small removable sliding tills.
2013-12-31 16.49.22
So using Christopher Schwarz’s method for guaging the depth of the top compartment I measured the depth of the biggest tool that would be stored in this space and made sure it would fit under the tills. This left and overall height of about 16 to 18 inches. For the depth I just made it the depth of a standard 1×12.
2013-12-31 17.05.11
The tills are stepped in height and ride on oak rails glued along the apron in front of the tool rack and the front of the case.
2013-12-31 17.05.40
After making a couple of marking gauges, squares, and clamps. I had a tool kit ready for Christmas morning.
2013-12-31 16.48.43
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