Home brewed oil finishes


One of the first finishes I ever put on a ¬†project, now over 40 years ago was a boiled linseed oil finish. It was simple and cheap and there was no way to mess it up really. It was not long though before I read somewhere that you could make an even better oil finish …

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Drop Leaf Table in Alder

Finished alder table

  Previously I wrote about a small drop leaf table that I was trying to prototype and refine. I have finally finished what I think is the table I am happy with. It is roughly 36″ square when fully extended and roughly 12″ x 36″ when fully closed. This table was really quite enjoyable to …

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Building a new molding plane

New hollow plane

Building a new molding plane Recently I needed a router bit that I did not have. I looked at my favorite router bit store and they had nothing in the size I needed. So, I was left with no real alternative but to build a plane in that profile… right? (it sounded good in my …

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Split top saw bench

Split top saw bench

Building a split top saw bench from salvage After burning off some excess calories hand planing some rough cut fifty year old salvage lumber into usable material I realized it was just the right amount to build a saw bench similar to one I saw here. I liked the design of the that saw bench …

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Hand tool workout


As I have gotten older, my doctor gets more and more persistent in telling me to get more exercise. I guess that’s normal. However, I pretty much hate conventional exercise. It has always seemed like the most pointless use of time and energy on the planet to me, so it has been a challenge to …

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Drop leaf table prototype

Drop leaf table qrtr

Recently several young friends of mine decided to get married. As a couple of them were looking through some of my woodworking magazines they stumbled across this little drop leaf table in an old issue of Woodsmith magazine and fell in love. Their appartment is small and I have to admit to liking many things …

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Modern Woodworking Myths

Workshop overview

I have been deeply enjoying the modern revival of hand tools and classical woodworking techniques. I have been a fan of Roy Underhill since the beginning of his career. And Chris Schwarz is ¬†a fantastic spokesman for this movement. However, as with all things, when they gain a certain amount of popularity many things get …

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I will never see a saw the same again


Recently, I built a dovetail saw using parts from Blackburn Tools. It was a fun project but far more challenging than I anticipated. I bought all the metal parts as a kit from Blackburn Tools, I already¬†had the rosewood and figured it would be a fairly simple project. This was before I started cutting. Shaping …

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Tool chest or wall storage?

Sharpening bench

Lately, it seems there has been an endless buzz around building tool chests. Recently I joined the fray and built a small Dutch tool chest¬†myself and found it to be an extremely rewarding project. However, in practice I am not sure a tool chest is always the right choice as a way to organize and …

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Finished cedar strip canoe "Hourglass"

Finished canoe

Finally finished the canoe¬†Hourglass. Hourglass is a 15′ cedar strip canoe with a Whitehall type transom. This canoe was built as a double paddle cruiser for one person. But the seating is flexible enough to provide room for a passenger. It could even be used as a fishing boat with an electric trolling motor and …

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